Real Estate Investor Marketing

In today’s world of Digital, if you have the right strategy in place, the right tools and an iterative optimisation approach, you can raise funds quickly for qualified opportunity zone fund, fractional investment projects or any real estate project.

I have been into real estate for more than 10 years, helping market projects and raise investments through retail investors from Digital Marketing. So far I have helped businesses raise more than $100mn across multiple projects.

In this article I am going to discuss two projects to help you guide through my approach on how I do real estate investor marketing, and you can too. So let’s get started

Real Estate Investor Marketing Case Studies 

1. Raised $100mn for Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund 

Just to give you a background, Opportunity Zone is an economic development program created by the Tax cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 which allows retail investors to invest in distressed areas in the United States.

For this project I was leading the performance marketing team, and I had studied the space when I did a small campaign with $5000 to target retail investors, and surprisingly we ended up raising $1.9mn, so this started the journey for the next project (project name confidential in Bay Area) 

Objective: To raise $100mn


Strategy is one of the crucial part which sets the direction to any real estate investor marketing approach, it combines of 3 key aspects and we defined these to

Investor Segments:
Here we defined different segments who would be potential investors we need to target to raise funds. These segments include Mass Affluent, HNW, UHNW, Wealth Managers & Family Offices.

Defining segments helps us to understand them deeper, their investment behaviour and key aspects which making an investment decision

Communication Strategy: 
In this step we defined the communication strategy which resonates with each investor segment, so that they sign up for the fund.

In order to drive the communication strategy we went through different aspects including competition insights, investor insights, business proposition and market conditions. After defining the communication strategy, the creative articulation was done to run across different media channels.

Media Strategy: 
In this step is defined which channel we want to use to target different set of investors, how much budget we want to allocate for which channel, what to expect from each channel, different experiments we are going to run and different metrics we are going to measure to define our next strategy.

After defining all these aspects we were able to raise $100mn from all the sources, to access detailed case study, do go through our article How to raise $100mn for Opportunity Zone Fund through Digital Marketing 

2. Fractional Real Estate Investor Marketing Case Study, 518% Growth  

Many real estate brands have ventured into fractional real estate investment opportunities for retail investors, one of the brand we worked with was AssetMonk and we helped them raise funds through Digital Marketing with 518% growth in FY 21-22


To create visibility of a project which was getting launched near Hyderabad Airport and raise funds from real investors, highlighting one of the best opportunity to invest


The strategy focused on the marketing funnel approach after doing intensive research about the fractional investment space, investor segments, competition insights and value proposition. The funnel based approach included creating different communication pieces for


We created teaser campaigns by creating different communication pieces to build curiosity of the project.

Real Estate Investor Marketing

Real Estate Investor Marketing Agency


In this stage we created investment humour based content to drive visibility, educate investors about the opportunity and different aspects associated with it. Below are few content pieces which we created

Fractional Investment Content Strategy

Social Media Strategy for Fractional Investment


In the final stage we targeted different audiences based on interest in mutual funds, investing, stocks, gold & real estate investment through different channels, which helped to communicate our business proposition and drive investors into the funnel. Below are few creatives which were pushed to raise funds.

Digital Marketing for Fractional Investment

Fractional Investment Digital Marketing

To read detail case study do go through our article, Digital Marketing for Fractional Real Estate Investing 


Real Estate Investor Marketing requires a deeper strategy from understanding the investors behaviour, business insights, communication strategy and media channels which can drive visibility and sign ups for the fund.

If you looking for a real estate investor marketing agency or company, do reach out to us at R Interactives