Digital Marketing for Fractional Real Estate Investing Case Study

Real Estate Investing has been there for a while and we have seen a great participation by investors since a long time, but now fractional investment is the new trend, and these opportunities offered by multiple brands are allowing investors to invest in properties and earn higher returns.

In this article we will discuss Digital Marketing case study of AssetMonk, a smart fractional real estate platform, which we marketed and generated 518% growth in FY 21-21 compared to last FY 20-21

Let’s first understand the concept

What is fractional investment?

Fractional investment is a type of property investment, in which the investor buys a fraction or a portion of the property, and receives fraction of the capital growth or rental yield.

Benefits of Fractional Property Investment

Higher Returns 

Fractional property investing allows investors to earn higher returns compared to mutual funds, fixed deposits, gold, saving, ppf etc


By investing only in a fraction of a property you can invest into several assets and increase your portfolio

Low Volatility 

The volatility is low and hence it becomes a lucrative choice for investors to invest in fractional property investment

Our Digital Marketing Strategy to Drive Investor Acquisition 

In order to market a fractional property investment brand it’s important to understand the investor behaviour and aspects that influences their decisions. So we did a intense research to understand the investor behaviour and based on it defined the below strategy:

1. Awareness:

Created awareness of the brand and product through teaser campaigns, below are references of ads done for one of the product awareness The Landing in Hyderabad

Digital Marketing Case Study

Digital Marketing for Fractional Property Investment

Real Estate Investing

Fractional Property Investment Returns

This created a huge buzz about the product leading to greater visibility of the product and brand.

2. Engagement:

Creating humour based content to educate about different aspects of fractional investing, how the brand helps investors and why they should choose fractional investing, few creatives as below

Digital Marketing Case Study

3. Acquisition:

Our acquisition strategy included targeting investors who have interest in Mutual Funds, Investing, Stocks, Gold Investment and Real Estate investments. These investors were then targeted through different channels including Social Media, Search, Display & YouTube to drive acquisitions. 

We used different types of communication pieces which helped to convert investors in the funnel. 

Video ads were also pushed to drive visibility and consideration on YouTube and Social channels 

4. PR Activation:

Publishing multiple PR stories on different business websites about what the business does and what’s there for investors with AssetMonk 



518% growth in FY 21-21 compared to last FY 20-21

Marketing Cost less than 1%