A Step by Step Guide To Amazon Product Display Ads

Amazon product display ads are very effective if you are looking to increase visibility of your products and push your product in front of shoppers when they are looking for competitors product.

So What are Amazon Product Display Ads?

Amazon sponsored display ads are display ads which show on product pages basis their interest or similar products while browsing on Amazon. 

Where Do Amazon Product Display Ads appear?

Sponsored display ads appear on the right hand side of the product detail page, refer below screen.

There are two ads on the page, one by amfit nutrition and second by omega 3. Both these ads are called as product display ads 

Amazon Product Display Ads

So What are the advantages of product display ads?

Increases Visibility 

Product display ads helps you to build visibility on competition product pages and similar product pages. If you are a new brand or if you have launched a new product, product display ads should be considered.

Drives more traffic to product page 

As you are visible on multiple product pages, they impressions served for your ads are higher, hence you will be able to drive more traffic from product display ads

Targets competitors product pages

This is one of the most interesting parts of product display ads, as it allows you to target competitors pages. This increases visibility of your products, to shoppers who are considering competitors products.

Drives sales

As the visibility is high on similar and related product pages, the traffic generated is high through product display, which further leads to drive more sales on Amazon.

How to create Amazon Product Display Ads?

Let’s understand step by step, how to set up Amazon sponsored display ads?

Step 1

Login in to your Amazon account – Amazon Ads

Step 2

Select the campaign type as product display ads

How to Create Amazon Product Display Ads

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Step 3

Select the targeting method. There are two types of targeting methods:


With the help of product targeting, you can target competition product pages, similar product pages and related product pages.


With the help of interest targeting, you can target shoppers basis their shopping behaviour on Amazon 

Product Display Ads TargetingSelecting of targeting will depend on your objective of the campaign. If you have launched a new product and want to increase the reach of the product then you can go with interest based targeting.

If you objective is not to be very broad in targeting, then you can go with product targeting.

In this article I am taking an example of a product called a Fish Oil to create a campaign. 

The next thing is to select the product (the product which you want to create product display ad for), so I have selected the product as below 

Amazon Ads Product Targeting for Display Ads

Now, you need to add the products, on which you want to show your ads, these products can be your competitor products or similar products on Amazon. 

In order to add products for targeting, search in the search box as below, and start selecting the products which you want to target ads on. I have selected a few products as below. 

Amazon Ads Product Targeting
After you have selected product targets, at the bottom, you will see an option which says expand targeting to other closely related products. You can keep this option as tick, because Amazon will try to show your ads on product pages which are similar to your product, though you have not selected them under product targets. 

Let’s now understand interest targeting. Always remember you can select only one targeting method which is either product targeting or interest targeting. 

First thing under interest targeting is to select the product which you want to use as an ad for product display. So I have selected the product as below, which is going to be my product display ad for my campaign. 

Amazon Interest Display Ads Creation

Once you have selected your product, the next thing is to select interest targeting for your campaign. 

Below are the options to choose from, under interest targeting. 

  • Electronics
  • Gift Cards
  • Crocery
  • Health and Personal Care 
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Music
  • Musical Instruments
  • Office Products
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sports
  • Toys and Games
  • Video Games
  • Watches

Under each interest, there are sub interests, you can select the interest target as per the product you are marketing.

I have selected all health & personal care as interest targeting as below.

Interest Categories in Amazon Ads

As mentioned, interest targeting is very broad and will have a broader reach on Amazon, so would recommend you to go with product targeting for your product display ad campaign.

Step 4

Once you have selected your targeting (either product or interest), the next step is to define campaign settings.

Under campaign setting you need to define 

Campaign Name – It’s the name of your campaign, which can be defined basis the product you are marketing on product display ads

Cost Per Click Bid – It’s the maximum cost per click for this campaign. Amazon suggests you a bid range, you can select a cpc basis the range 

Budget – It’s the budget you want to spend per day for this campaign. Minimum per day budget should be Rs. 1000.

Duration  – You can define start date and end date for your campaign through this option 

I have defined the campaign settings as below.

Product Display Ads Campaign Settings

Step 5

The next step is to define an ad copy. The components of an ad copy includes:

Headline It defines the headline of the ad copy. The maximum characters allowed in headline are 50 

Brand Name – Define brand name of the product. 

Product DescriptionIt’s the description of your product. Try to add maximum information about your product in the description which highlights different aspects of the product.

Brand LogoDefine the logo of your brand 

Below is how I have defined the ad copy

Amazon Product Display Ad

Once you have added all the information in the ad copy, you will be able to see the ad copy preview. 

Below is an ad copy preview of my campaign.

Preview of Amazon Ad Copy

Now say submit campaign and your campaign is now ready to go live post review!


Sponsored display ads are very effective to drive visibility on Amazon. They primarily help you to push your products on competitor pages and similar product pages which helps you to improve sales!

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