Guide To Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Amazon sponsored brand ads formerly known as headline search ads, helps your to build visibility of your products on Amazon and drive sales. 

So What are Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads?

Amazon sponsored brand ads are ads which showcase a collection of products on top of Amazon search results to shoppers who are actively searching for products on Amazon. 

Where do Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads appear?

Sponsored brand as appear on the top of the search result, with a collection of at least 3 product ads, refer the screen below

Sponsored Brand Ad of Amazon

What does Sponsored brand ad consists of?

  • 3 Products / 3 ASIN’s
  • Brand Logo
  • Headline
  • Brand Page (Shop Now Link)

So How to create Amazon sponsored brand ads?

Step 1

Login to your Amazon account – Amazon Ads

Step 2 

Select the campaign type as sponsored brands

How to Create Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

To know more about sponsored product ads, refer article – Ultimate Guide to Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

To know more about product display ads, refer article – Step by step Guide to Amazon Product Display Ads

Step 3

The next thing is to define campaign settings:

The first thing in campaign settings is to define campaign name, you can define the campaign name basis the products (theme), which you want to run your brand ads for 

PortfolioIf you own multiple Amazon ad accounts, you can select the type of Amazon account from here. 

Start & End Date Start & end date are the dates from where you can define the dates for your campaign 

Budget Define a daily budget for your campaign, you can start with minimum of Rs. 500 as the daily budget. 

Sponsored Brand Ads Settings

Landing page for ad traffic 

Landing page for ad traffic is where the shoppers are going to land after clicking on your ad. The landing pages can include product detail page, your Amazon store page a custom URL 

There are three options to choose from landing page for ad traffic as below:

Amazon Store (including subpages) With the help of this option you can increase brand awareness and product discoverability by sending shoppers to your Amazon store with collection of products under each category of your brand page. 

For Eg: You are a seller and have 3 categories of products including mens footwear, women footwear and kids footwear, you can select one single category and target 3 products in your brand ad. 

In my campaign, I can see the categories to select from my store as below

Category Page Selection

So, let’s say I want to promote sports nutrition products under my sponsored brand ads campaign. 

Once I have selected sports nutrition, I can see the below screen which says creative.

The first thing under creative is to define brand name and logo

The next thing is to define headline, you can define the headline basis the benefits/features/USP’s of the product 

The next thing is to define products, you can see I have defined the products as below.

Sponsored Brand Ad Creative

Let’s now understand the second option under landing page for ad traffic, known as new product list page 

(Note: You can select at a time, any one of the landing page for ad traffic options, from the given 3 options)

Amazon New Product List Page

New Product List Page – New product list page allows you to create a page featuring 3 or more of your products to be shown on a product list page.

You can search for the product in the search bar and add products. I have added 3 products from different categories as below. You can then review the page by clicking on the preview your product list page

Amazon Product List Creation for Brand Ads

Once you have added the products, you will be able to see the below screen, where you can see the creative or ad copy of your Amazon brand ad, you can now define the headline and the order of the products here. 

Creative of Sponsored Brand Ad

The third option in the landing page for ad traffic is custom URL. As mentioned above, you can only select one option from the landing page for ad traffic 

Custom URL in Brand Ads

Custom URLCustom URL helps you to advertise any page on Amazon, which showcases minimum of your 3 brand’s products.

Once you click on custom URL, you will be able to see the below screen. From here you can page the Amazon URL with the 3 products which you want to promote. 

Custom URL for Amazon

So Which option to choose from landing page for ad traffic?

My recommendation would be to go with the first two options which includes Amazon store (including subpages) or New product list page option. 

If your objective is to promote products within a specific category, go with Amazon store (including subpages option).

If your objective is to promote different products in your store, go with new product list page. 

For my current campaign, I am going with Amazon store(including subpages), where I have selected sports nutrition as a sub category under my store (refer step 3, first option under landing page for ad traffic)

Step 4

The next step is keywords targeting where you define the keywords for your campaign.

The first step here is to define default keyword bid. The keyword bid is the maximum bid for all the keywords which you add in the campaign. You can also set a different keyword bid once you add the keywords in your campaign. 

Automated Bidding – Once you define the default keyword bid, you will observe an automated bidding option, which allows Amazon to automatically optimise bids for placements which are below top of search. 

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Targeting

Now you can start selecting keywords. There are three ways you can add/choose keywords to your campaign 

Suggested Keywords – Through this option Amazon suggests you different keywords which are relevant to your products (which you have defined above in step 3), you can then select these keywords by clicking on ad on the right hand side.

Suggested Keywords in Amazon Ads

Enter Keywords – The second option to add keywords is with enter keywords.With the help of enter keywords, you can choose around 1000 keywords to add to your campaign.  Below is how I have added few keywords for the campaign. 

There are different keyword match types used in Amazon keywords targeting, which includes phrase match, exact match and broad match. Do make sure you use different match types with intent based keywords for your campaigns. 

Keyword match works in a similar way like Google ads keyword match types. To know more about different keyword match types, refer article – Keyword Match Types  

Sponsored Brands Ads Keywords Addition

Upload keywordsThe third option is to upload keywords. If you have a list of keywords with you, you can directly upload the file from here. 

Amazon Keywords Uploading

Step 5

The last part is adding negative keywords, do make sure you add negative keywords for your campaigns so that you exclude being visible on irrelevant search queries 

Amazon Ads Negative Keywords Addition

Post adding keywords, say submit for review, your campaign will go in review and will be live once approved.


Amazon sponsored brand ads are very effective if you are looking to increase visibility of your store and the products under different categories of your store. In order to drive more sales from your campaigns make sure you have selected the right keywords with different combinations of keyword match types. 

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