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How to create YouTube audio ads/

Addictive. That’s the word to define YouTube. Have you counted the times you’re paying attention to a music video at work and ending up seconds after watching one more video on the best way to make margaritas? 90% of viewers find new brands on YouTube consistently. Suppose you change your perspective from a consumer to an entrepreneur. In that case, you can perceive how YouTube audio advertisements are the rising star in promotions media. If you’re knee-deep in radio advertisements, maybe now is the right time to broaden those marketing assets towards a clear new direction to arrive at new business sectors.

YouTube audio ads are essentially advertisements on the digital stage that incorporates audio dialogue. Audio-visual advertising has been demonstrated viable for brand review in the marketing business for quite some time. With 1.9 billion clients overall and 62% of organizations advertising through it, YouTube is the prevailing ruler over all Digital media platforms. It’s the ruler of all websites aside from Google, which, it just so happens, has additionally purchased YouTube. As the world advances into a digital period, so should customary marketing strategies. To get discovered on YouTube is to turn into a unique worldwide brand like this.

Produce, advertise, amplify, and repeat! 

That’s the secret.

It’s not all that daunting. This article reveals more about YouTube audio ads. We’ll discuss how you can harness its campaigning ability to take your company forward. 

What Are Youtube Audio Ads?

YouTube is most famous as a video-sharing platform. However, many individuals use YouTube to access podcasts, music, news, and other audio content.

Have you witnessed a new kind of advertisement on your favored YouTube channels? They’re audio ads, evolving more prominent as advertisers push forth with unique marketing techniques. 

While they might seem to be basic audio clips from an item, these advertisements contain interesting interactive components that make them more convincing for audience members and viewers. We should learn more about how they operate and how you can utilize them for your advertising and marketing accomplishments. Let’s dive in!

Why Should You Leverage YouTube Audio Ads?

YouTube audio ads are comparative in design to the platform’s video advertisements. Campaigns can be set up and overseen from your Google ads account, allowing you to lay out brand awareness and reach your objectives.

You can employ audience targeting, comprehensive metrics, and campaign monitoring to ensure you attain favorable audiences.

Benefits of YouTube Audio Ads

1. Improved Reach

YouTube audio ads allow you to contact new audiences to advance your business and attract new clients. This extended reach potential is a huge draw for some brands.

2. Streamlined Campaign Setup and Ad Buying

Many marketing managers are knowledgeable about Google ads, and YouTube video ads, which implies developing audio ad campaigns on a similar platform will be pretty simple to understand.

3. Comprehensive Targeting 

Strategic advertising requires deliberate targeting, given the ideal clients you need to reach and your mission objectives. While YouTube’s tremendous reach, the platform permits you to target significant crowds with your audio advertisements.

4. Cost Effective 

YouTube audio ad campaigns generate the most brand funds, with reasonable visual elements concluding in reduced production costs.

How Do YouTube Audio Ads Work?

YouTube Audio ads play while viewers appreciate audio content on the platform. Be that as it may, there is as yet a visual component to these missions. 

Typically, an audience will hear the audio version advertisement while seeing a static picture or basic animation on their screen.

They’re not quite the same as the video advertisements currently accessible on YouTube. The new audio ads spin altogether around the audio perspective. This implies using particular and simple visual creatives. In Google’s announcement, the organization depicted these creatives as ‘a still picture or simple animation’. These Youtube audio ads broaden the scope of video campaigns into unique inventory at a low expense.

Simplified Buying – Buying and campaign setup are identical to other YouTube ad formats. Simplified targeting and measurement characteristics:

  • Use advanced audiences.
  • Access the latest interpretation of Brand Lift measurement.
  • Observe your reports in Google Ads.

Lower Production Costs – Audio ads are often more economical to develop than video ads, as the approved visual element is a static image or a simple animation. Apart from this, Google is also initiating vibrant music lineups, celebrated groups of music-focused channels across famous genres, comprising Latin music, K-Pop, Hip-Hop, or Top 100, and moods or interests such as fitness.

This will permit your image to handily arrive at music fans worldwide and drive results for your business. Music arrangements and audio advertisements make it conceivable to be there whether YouTube is being watched or in the background.

How To Create YouTube Audio Ads Campaign?

Regardless of whether you haven’t run video advertisements, you most likely have a Google ads account, which is where YouTube audio ads campaigns are made.

Are you curious about step-by-step instructions to make your most memorable YouTube Audio advertisement campaign? 

Because we have got all the steps rolled for you, which will help you create your first YouTube Audio Ad – 

  • Open your Google Ads account
  • Choose the video campaign and click on the + button
  • Open new campaign
  • Establish reach and brand awareness as objectives
  • Assign campaign type as Video Ad campaign
  • Select the sub-campaign category as Audio
  • Tap on continue
  • Enter the bid amount and appoint your budget

Voila! And that is how you can produce a YouTube Audio Ad.

YouTube Audio Ads Best Practices 

Now that we’ve covered the who, what, and where of YouTube Audio promotions, now is the ideal time to cover the “how.” Follow these best practices for a more smoothed-out configuration.

1. Be Interesting  

Since audio ads run exclusively on music or podcast long listening sessions, it’s essential to catch a client’s attention in the 15 seconds your advertisement can play.

2. Focus On The Sound Component 

While the advertisement has a picture or video, the primary center should be audio. You wouldn’t believe how tough it tends to be to dominate your message in 15 seconds.

3. Check Your Tone & Tempo

Do your ads come off as casual or sales-y? A user-friendly tone is vital to boost engagement and capture your audience’s awareness of music and podcast content.

4. Keep In Mind The Word Count

With just 15 seconds, don’t attempt to pack a lot of data immediately. Google suggests trying for not more than 40 words in your Youtube audio ad. Be clear and explicit for a perfect brand recall.

5. Add Call-to-Action 

Don’t forget to add an offer that is distinct to audio listeners. This can assist with deciding the progress of your mission while auditing results.

6. Test, Measure, Learn & Repeat 

Google is beginning to carry out Video Experiments, making testing more accessible. Creative and audience testing will be the primary parts of these underlying examinations.

7. Stick To One Audience Per Campaign

This is synonymous with how we launch YouTube video ads but worth repeating. Confusion can occur if you utilize two distinct audiences with varied sizes in diverse ad groups in the exact campaign. Generally, the viewers with the higher rate and CPV will win most of each auction. If you want to assess audiences, do so with separate campaigns.


The advantages of utilizing Youtube audio ads rather than video are clear, particularly for entrepreneurs who probably won’t have enormous marketing financial plans.

YouTube is valuable advertising space, with organizations like Coca-Cola more than $2 billion on YouTube advertising in 2020 alone.

Results like that are difficult to overlook!

Keeping in mind that you don’t need to burn through that sort of cash to obtain results very well may be brilliant if you’re beginning! 

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