Digital Marketing for Agriculture Sector – FlexNet Case Study

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Internet users in rural india are around 227 million and the numbers are increasing day by day. Agriculture industry businesses are looking for different ways to connect and engage with farmers. Brands are using different platforms and communication pieces to achieve their objectives. 

In this article we are going to look at a digital marketing strategy for agriculture business we executed recently, which not only created awareness for the product but also helped us to generate sales. 

About Netafim 

Netafim is a global leader in smart irrigation based solutions. Their products and services range from community irrigation, micro irrigation, greenhouse and digital farming solutions to farmers across the globe. 

Objective of the Campaign 

  • Creating a buzz about the product
  • To launch FlexNet flexible pipes through digital  
  • Create awareness and communicate piping solution effectively 
  • Drive traction and generate leads for the product 

FlexNet Strategy

  • Crafting the communication strategy
  • Commuting the value proposition of the product
  • Product comparison with the available options

The Campaign – #FarmingSimplified

After doing research and talking to farmers we realised that it’s a tough task to setup pipes, move pipes and manage pipes within farms. Also, farmers are worried about carrying these pipes, storing pipes and durability, so considering all these aspects we came up with the campaign thought #FarmingSimplified and narrated a story which showed that doing farming is now simplified.

We started the campaign with teasers by asking few questions: 

Teaser 1– Can farming become simpler?

Netafim India Digital Marketing

Hindi Teaser 

Digital Marketing for Netafim

Marathi Teaser

Netafim FlexNet

Teaser 2 – Can there be a cost-effective way to do farming?

Farming Simlified

Hindi Teaser 2

Digital Marketing FlexNet

Marathi Teaser 2

Launch of FlexNet

Teaser 3 – Can farming be more innovative?

Innovative Farming

Hindi Teaser 3

Netafim FlexNet Piping Solution

Marathi Teaser 3

Flexnet by Netafim India

FlexNet Launch

The product was then launched with a film articulating the performance, flexibility, durability, ease with connectors and low labour cost for entire irrigation system.

Here is the FlexNet launch film

Amazing traction on Facebook with 3+mn reach, 28k engagements and 600+comments
FlexNet Digital Marketing Campaign

Multilingual Strategy for Different Geographies

After we launched the film, we crafted a multilingual strategy to communicate different pieces of the product including:

  • Durability
  • Lower Transportation and Storage Cost
  • No Snaking or Kinking
  • Leakage-free
  • Growing higher and better yields in a more sustainable way
  • Labour saving
  • Low investment and high returns
  • Less wastage of water
  • Saves time and energy
These pieces were communicated through short videos in Hindi & Marathi across geographies.

The Impact

Digital Marketing Rural India Case Studies

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