Japfa India Social Media Case Study – Clean Farm Challenge

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About Japfa

JAPFA India is a leading agro industrial company with a major focus in poultry feed. It primarily offers Poultry & Integration along with Feed solution for Indian Markets. 


  • To reach prospective poultry farmers/newest lot of poultry farmers and educate them on the benefits of poultry farming, enhance brand reach & drive brand curiosity.

  • To reach the know-it-all farmer and connect with them on an engaging level which will drive JAPFA into their consideration set for poultry feed.

Brand Challenge

To build an ACTIVE community of poultry farmers and business associates, present an engaging platform to share their queries and issues, provide custom and large scale solutions and guide them at every stage of bird growth + bird sale to maximize farmer earnings.


A cohesive strategy was put in place to garner farmer interest, the strategy included below aspects 

  1. JapfaNeeti 
  2. Guidance Videos
  3. Industry Expert Chats 
  4. Clean Farm Challenge 
  5. On Ground Farmer Meets 
  6. Community Interactions
  7. Feed Product Portfolio
  8. Poultry Dictionary 
  9. Topical Creatives 

a. JapfaNeeti

A property to share knowledge and guide farmers on Bird Management during varied seasons, Farm Management, Disease Management and Feed Management

Factors affecting broiler growth & quality

Factors Affecting Broiler Growth & Quality
How disease affect farm performance

Disease Affecting Farm Performance

What are the cost involved in Broiler farming?

Broiler Farming Costs

b. Guidance Videos 

Farm Management

Why Breed Specific Feed

Farmer Testimonial for UltraFeed

Disease Management

C. Facebook Live Chats with Industry Experts

d. Clean Farm Challenge

A User generated content driven challenge where farmers were asked to follow 5 simple biosecurity measures and share their farm videos with JAPFA on WhatsApp. The cleanest farms would be featured and rewarded. The Challenge acted as an impulsion for farmers to make necessary changes in order to keep their farm biosecure.

Digital Marketing for Rural India

Landing Page: www.japfaindia.com/cleanfarmchallenge

Clean Farm Challenge Campaign Film

Driving users to WhatsApp to gather video entries 

Digital marketing for Agriculture Business

Swachh Farm Challenge Participation Process Carousel

Social Media for Japfa India

User Generated Content/ Farmer Entries of Clean Farm Challenge

Campaign Results

Japfa Poultry Feed Campaign

e. Coverage of on-ground farmer meets

f. Community Interactions

Social Media for Japfa India

g. Product Feed Portfolio

Japfa Layer Feed


Japfa Premium Breeder Feed Range


Japfa Broiler Feed Range


h. Poultry Dictionary

Explaining poultry industry terminologies and commonly used words in a very simple way

Japfa Poultry Dictionary

i. Topical Creatives

Japfa Social Media Creatives

Japfa India Marketing


Total Impressions: 612,793

Page Reach: 481,754

Engaged Users: 450,876

Leads Generated: 1220

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