What is Display Advertising

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In today’s Digital Ecosystem, Display Advertising is considered as one of the key channels for Marketing and advertisers are looking to maximize ROI from the spends on Display. Advertisers are continuously experimenting and optimising their display efforts to achieve brand objectives.

So What is Display Advertising?

Display Advertising in Digital Marketing is a channel of advertising that conveys a brand message with a help of banner, image or any graphical content. These ads are served on different publishing websites in specific areas with fixed dimensions.

Below is an example of a display ad on a website

What is Display Advertising

Display Advertising Market Size WorldWide

The display advertising spends worldwide are expected to reach around $97.18 Billion by 2022

WorldWide Display Ad Spends

(Source: Pubmatic)

Display Advertising Market Size India

The display advertising market is India is around 2,270 Cr (In INR) for 2019 and is expected to grow fast due to programmatic media buying being considered as the key channel for display media buying

Display Ad Spends in India

(Source: DAN Report)

So what is a Banner Ad?

Below are a few examples of banner ads of our campaigns Example of Display Ad
Display Advertising Example

Display Ads Example

Different ways to do Display Advertising

Display advertising can be done through different channels including

  • Google Ads – Through Google ads you can create display ads and target users on different websites which are under Google Display Network
  • Programmatic Ads – Through Programmatic ad platforms you can create display ads and target users on a wider network compared to Google Display Network. If you are looking for effective targeting with personalised ad serving, you can go with programmatic ads. Programmatic Platforms  Eg: DBM, R Interactives etc
  • Ad Networks – Ad Networks are third party networks who are connected with different publishers, you can also use these networks to create & run display ads. Ad Networks Eg: Komli, Tyro etc
  • Direct Buy (Publishers) – Direct Buy is buying direct inventory on publisher websites by connecting directly with the publishers. If you are looking for Homepage MastHead or a RoadBlock, you can talk directly to the publishers

So how do advertisers target users on Display Network

As display is push marketing concept, where we are looking to grab the attention of the users first and then engage the user, display targeting has to be done effectively in order to achieve objectives. Below are the targeting methods used in the industry for Display ads

  • Demographics – Demographic targeting is basis targeting by Age & Gender of the audience you want to target
  • Display Keywords – Display targeting method is by targeting pages on which a particular keyword is mentioned. For Eg: If I am advertiser, who is looking to promote his villa project which is in Goa, I can use the keyword “villa’s in goa” as a display keyword, this will help me to show on relevant pages of the keyword targeted
  • Placements – Placements in display advertising means websites. Advertisers would like to target users basis a specific website For Eg: In the same example of an advertiser who is promoting his villa project which is in goa, can target websites like Forbes, Fortune etc to showcase their ads
  • Topics – Topics targeting is basis different topics of the website including Fitness, Haircare, investing etc. The ads will be shown on those pages which match the selected topics by advertisers
  • Audiences – Audiences targeting includes 3 types of sub targeting as below
    • Interest (Affinity and Custom Affinity) – This is interest based targeting which includes users having different interests on websites including Luxury Shoppers, Health & Fitness Buff, Business Travellers etc. Advertisers can select the interest basis their target audience to market their product/services on display network
    • In Market & Custom Intent – In Market audience includes targeting users who are actively researching online for your products/services basis different content categories including handbags, shoes, education etc.
    • Remarketing – Remarketing targeting method includes following up with users who have interacted with your website. You can follow them on display network by showing multiple products, different communication pieces, personalised ads to make sure they consider your brand.

Different Ads Sizes/Dimensions for Display Advertising

  • 300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle display ad size
  • 336 x 280 – Large Rectangle display ad size
  • 728 x 90 – Leaderboard display ad size
  • 300 x 600 – Half Page display ad size
  • 320 x 100 – Large Mobile Banner display ad size
  • 240 x 400 – Vertical Rectangle display ad size
  • 980 x 120 – Panorama display ad size
  • 250 x 360 – Triple Widescreen display ad size
  • 930 x 180 – Top Banner display ad size
  • 580 x 400 – Netboard display ad size
  • 320 x 50 – Mobile Leaderboard display ad size
  • 468 x 60 – Banner display ad size
  • 234 x 60 – Half Banner display ad size
  • 120 x 600 – Skyscraper display ad size
  • 120 x 240 – Vertical Banner display ad size
  • 160 x 600 – Wide Skyscraper display ad size
  • 300 x 1050 – Portrait display ad size
  • 970 x 90 – Large Leaderboard display ad size
  • 970 x 250 – Billboard display ad size
  • 250 x 250 – Square display ad size
  • 200 x 200 – Small Square display ad size
  • 180 x 150 – Small Rectangle display ad size
  • 125 x 125 – Button display ad size

Benefits of Display Advertising

Brand Awareness – Display ads are very effective when it comes to creating brand awareness. As these ads are image ads, they have the potential to grab the attention of the user who is consuming content on a web page. You can reach out to your target audience by different targeting methods (as mentioned above) and create awareness about your brand  

Brand LoyaltyDisplay ads can help to build loyalty as you can target users who have visited your site and also who have bought products from your site by remarketing them on display network. Also, you can keep them engaged at every level of the purchase journey with different communication pieces.

Higher ROIDisplay ads help you to achieve higher ROI because you are able to reach maximum no of people on the web and push the product/service to them. By reach to maximum no of people who could be your potential customers, the chances of sales increase, hence it results in achieving higher ROI for your business


Every business has high sales target and they are to be met to keep business growing. Display advertising helps to increase the reach of your business targeting through various methods, helping achieve your business objectives. The key thing to make sure your display ads work is to define effective targeting basis your audience. Also you need to keep experimenting with different ad sets and communication pieces to drive value from display advertising.

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