Increase Your ROI With Dynamic Keyword Insertion

When you are managing high budget Google Search Ads campaigns with multiple products on the website, it’s difficult to create ad copy for each product. Google Ads has lot of features which can be used to make the most of your search ads. Today, we are going to look at keyword insertion, it is one of the features of Google Search Ads. It is also know as Dynamic Keyword Insertion, So let’s understand in detail!

What is Keyword Insertion in Google Search Ads?

Keyword insertion is a feature of search ads where Google dynamically inserts users search query in your ad copy in real time. This helps to make your ad more relevant to the users searching for your products, resulting in higher click through rates.

Let’s take an example and understand!

How does Dynamic Keyword Insertion work?

Here is an example for one of the campaign I am managing, the business is an aggregator ecommerce logistics shipping platform. Here, I have used competitor’s name in the keyword insertion feature so that if any users searches with a competitors term on Google search, my ad copy will have dynamic keyword insertion of the competitor brand term.

Keyword Insertion Example 1

Google Search Ads Keyword Insertion

Keyword Insertion Example 2Search Ads Keyword InsertionGoogle might insert the entire query or might enter some part of the query, it depends on Google. You can see in the above example 1, Google has only inserted partial query in the ad copy whereas in the second example, Google has inserted the entire query in the ad copy headline.

Further, I would also like to use services keywords in my ad copy, refer below example. Where I have used services keyword which is ecommerce logistics software, and the keyword is dynamically inserted in my ad copy.

Keyword Insertion Example 3

Keyword Insertion Search Ads

So How to setup Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Let’s understand it step by step:

Step 1

Login to your Google Ads Account

Step 2

Go to any of your campaigns, and come to Ads & Extensions section, refer screenshot below:

Keyword Insertion in Search

Step 3

Click the blue plus button, to create an ad copy

Step 4

In the headline 1 section, press “ { “ symbol on your keyword, as soon as you do that, you will see a drop which following options. The first option you see is the keyword insertion option.

Option of Keyword Insertion

Step 5

Click on the keyword insertion option. Once you click on the keyword insertion option, you will see a drop down as per the below screenshot. The first option in the screenshot is default text, default text is a text which we need to add in 30 characters, this text is considered as a default text which means, if Google is not able to add the users query in the keyword insertion option, in that case, the default text will be shown in the search ad.

The second option in the drop down is case, select the case which you would like to go with from Title Case, Sentence Case or Lowercase. This case style will be applied to keyword insertion text in the ad copy whenever it is shown of Google search.

Google Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Step 6

Fill up the other options in the ad copy the way I have done in the above screenshot, this includes, headline 2, headline 3, description 1 and description 2. Once you fill up the other option in the ad copy, you will be able to see the preview on the right hand side with the default text (refer above screenshot for reference ad copy)

Step 7

Click, Save & Continue. You ad copy is now ready with keyword insertion feature to go live. Google will now review your ad copy and take it live in few hours!

Advantages of Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion!


Dynamic Keyword Insertion helps you to achieve relevancy of your ad copy with the user’s search query. Users will find your ad relevant with what they are looking for.

Higher CTR

As the relevancy of your ad copy is high, the chances of clicks on your ad copy will increase, thus resulting in higher CTR.  

Higher Visitors

As the CTR will increase for your ad, the no of visitors diverting from your ad to your business page will be high.

Higher Quality Scores

As the ads are more relevant to the users and the CTR’s are high, this helps you to achieve higher quality score, which eventually helps you to reduce bid amounts for your ad campaigns.

Higher ROI

The more the visitors coming to your business page, the higher the chances of conversions, resulting in higher ROI

Best practices to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Selecting Right Keywords:

Before you start with keyword insertion, you need to make sure the keywords which you have used in the search campaign are relevant to your business/products/services. If the keywords are irrelevant, then using keyword insertion won’t help. Selecting right keywords, is the same way we do for search ads. To know more about selecting right keywords for your search ads – Refer Article How to Use Google Ads Keyword Planner

Avoid Brand Names:

Avoid competitor’s brand name, because if it’s a global brand, Google will disapprove your ad. The brand names I have used in the above examples are not very big brands, so Google has approved my ad copy. But you won’t be able to use brand name like Apple, Samsung etc

Character Limitation:

There is a character limitation for every element of the ad copy, so if you are using keyword insertion in headlines, the character limit is 30 characters.

Don’t Use Single Word:

Don’t just use a single word in the default text. Use at least 2 or 3 words in the default text because, single word won’t communicate the message of your product/service which you are communicating. As Google allows us to use 30 characters, make sure you use them effectively.

Use Correct Syntax :

Do make sure you use the correct syntax like {Keyword:Ecommerce Logistics Software}. If you are not using the right syntax, the keyword insertion might not get approved for your ad copy.


Dynamic Keyword Insertion is an effective feature of Google search ads, which helps you to manage massive ads account with multiple products. It will help you to improve relevancy of your ads and boost your conversions!