Flipkart Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) Case Study

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is an advanced digital marketing practice followed by most of the large advertisers, it helps to automate display advertising, build story through multiple ad creatives, helps to dynamically create remarketing journey and boosts ROI.

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In this article, we will understand how we created dynamic creative optimization journey for Flipkart (popular ecommerce company in India)


Improve sales with higher ROAS

What we learnt from historic data before starting off? 

  • Users were viewing multiple products on mobile category, but the conversion rates were low
  • Many users were adding the products to the cart, but the cart abandonment rate was high
  • We measured click throughs of different touch points available on the product pages including compare option, view offers, colour, call to actions and Q&A

What Consumers Cared About in Mobile Category

  • Storage 
  • Camera 
  • Colour 
  • RAM 
  • Display 
  • Reviews
  • Offers/Discount 

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) Strategy

We leveraged website data, learnt through different user touch points and automated the communication journey dynamically

Here is the DCO journey which triggered dynamically to users who added  Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro product in the cart but did not transact.

Dynamic Creative Case Study

All the information on the creative is dynamically pulled in real time from the product page, when the ads are served on different publishing websites. 

The first creative in the journey highlights camera feature of the product as soon as the users leaves the website without making the purchase

Flipkart Dynamic Creatives


The second creative highlights the social camera aspect of the product 

DCO Digital Marketing

The third creative highlights the performance of the product, including display and memory. All the info is dynamically pulled from the product page in realtime

Dynamic Creative Case Study

The fourth creative in the journey talks about the product delivery

Dynamic Creative

Fifth creative talks about product under XYZ (using screenshot of product less than 10k, but actually product was used)

DCO Digital Marketing

Sixth creative communicates, it’s a best seller product with 4.4 rating

Dynamic Creative Agency

Seventh creative highlights the ratings received for the phone on Flipkart product page, which gives indication to the customers that lot of users have bought the product and have reviewed it on Flipkart

Dynamic Creative in Digital

Eight creative highlights lowest price in last 24 hours, exchange and extra discount

Case Studies of DCO

Finally if the user has still not bought the product, offer ending communication is triggered

Dynamic Creatives

The Impact

Benefits of DCO

This strategy is was further leveraged to all the other products in mobile category, which created an automated way to dynamically triggered data points through user behaviour and website content. So in this case one logic which is build is applicable of multiple products within the same category, how cool!


DCO is highly scalable for businesses who want to automate the advertising journey learning through user behaviour and data points available on different systems. So, leverage the power of DCO and grow your business!

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