Master Guide To Facebook Dynamic Creative in 2024

As we know Facebook is one of the most effective social media advertising platforms and advertisers try different ad creatives on Facebook to connect with their audience to drive higher ROI. 

If you are advertising on Facebook regularly, you would have noticed that the ad creatives perform in the beginning, when you start the campaign, but the performance decreases over a period of time. 

In order to make advertisers life easy, Facebook came up with Dynamic Creative to drive more value from the ad campaigns and the budgets invested on Facebook. 

In this article we will understand What is Dynamic Creative and How to setup Dynamic Creative campaign on Facebook. So let’s get started!

What is Dynamic Creative?

Dynamic creative is an automation of delivering display ads through technology in real-time that ads personalisation, scale & high ROI. 

Dynamic creatives are largely used in display ads with the help of programmatic advertising, by adding different variables to the creatives including live streaming data, sequential messaging, personalised remarketing and feed based customized marketing.

Dynamic creatives are also known by Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) in display advertising. 

To know more about DCO for display ads, refer article – Dynamic Creative Optimization

Let’s now understand about Facebook dynamic creative!

What is Facebook Dynamic Creative?

Facebook Dynamic Creative is an automation of delivering high performing ad to targeted audience, basis different creative templates.

When you are marketing on Facebook, you don’t know which creative will work, which ad copy would be engaging, which headline would be impactful and which CTA would work.

So Facebook Dynamic Creative allows you to upload multiple creatives, multiple videos, multiple titles, multiple descriptions and multiple CTA’s to a particular ad campaign. 

How does Facebook Dynamic Creative work?

Once you have added multiple creatives, multiple descriptions, multiple CTA’s, multiple body text and multiple titles, Facebook monitors the high performing ad and delivers the high-performing ad with various combinations.  

Aspects you can test with Facebook Dynamic Creative?

With Dynamic Creative, you can test the below aspects on Facebook

  • 10 different images or videos 
  • 5 title text variations 
  • 5 body text variations 
  • 5 description variations and 
  • 5 call to action variations 

 So How to create Facebook Dynamic Creative ad?

Let’s understand step by step in detail, how to create Facebook dynamic creative ad.

Step 1

Login to your Facebook business manager, select the ad account and then select the ads manager from business settings

Facebook Manager for Advertising

Step 2

Once you have selected ads manager, you will reach on the below screen. Here we need to select the objective of the campaign. 

I have discussed about each objective in the article Guide to create Facebook ads to grow your business, so you can refer this article to understand in detail.

Facebook Advertising Objective

For this article, I am going to create a campaign for my Digital Marketing Course, where my objective would be to drive traffic to the website. So I am selecting traffic as my objective, you can select the objective basis your requirement. 

Step 3

The next step is to define the campaign name, so I am defining the campaign name as below, you can define the campaign name as per the product/service you are marketing. 

You can skip create split test and campaign budget optimisation.

Facebook Ad Campaign Name

Step 4

The next step is to define ad set name, I am defining as below as I want to target users who are between 18 to 24 yrs 

Ad Set in Facebook Ads

Step 5

The next thing is to select the channel to which you would like to drive traffic to. So I am selecting website, as I want to drive users to my website.

Website Traffic in Facebook

Step 6

This is an important step, which helps you enable the dynamic creative option. Here you need to turn on the dynamic creative button which is on the right hand side.

Facebook Dynamic Creative

Once you turn on the button, you will see the below screen which says, you can upload individual assets, including images & headlines, and generates combinations automatically with the help of Facebook’s dynamic creative algorithm. So say continue and move ahead. 

Dynamic Creative For Facebook

Once you have clicked on continue, you will see the below screen with the button on. 

Dynamic Creative

Step 7:

Next step is  audience, here you define audience lists which is your remarketing list for your remarketing campaign. As I am not creating a remarketing campaign, I am skipping this step.

To know more about Facebook remarketing and how to create it, refer article – Guide to Facebook Remarketing Ads

Audiences in Facebook

Step 8:

Next step is to define location, age and gender for your campaign. I have selected as below, you can select basis your requirement. 

Facebook Location Targeting

Step 9:

Next thing is to define detailed targeting for your campaign. I have discussed about detailed targeting for Facebook in article, Guide to Facebook ads, do through the same to understand in detail about Facebook targeting. 

Facebook Ads Targeting

So I have defined detailed targeting for my Facebook dynamic creative campaign as below. You can also define basis your target audience. 

Facebook Ads Targeting in Detail

Step 10

The next step is to narrow down your targeting. This helps you to precisely target selected audience only, which means that, the targeting which you have selected in detailed targeting plus, if the narrow targeting also matches, then your ad is eligible to trigger. 

Here is a representation of how the targeting will work. 

Facebook Narrow Targeting

So, I have further added marketing as an interest in the narrow targeting. So my ad will be shown if the targeting matches as below. 

Facebook Targeting for Advertising

Step 11

The next step is to exclude users from targeting. I have added Digital marketing strategist because I want to exclude those users who are already Digital Marketers, and only target users who want to learn Digital Marketing. 

Exclusions in Fb ads

You can then save this audience, so that you can use the same in the future of any of your campaigns. 

Facebook Saved Audience

Step 12:

The next thing in the campaign settings is connections, where you can add a connection type for Facebook pages, apps and events. 

Under each connection type, you have multiple sub connection types to choose from.

Connections in Facebook

If you want to go with connections, create a separate campaign for it, do not combine with this campaign. 

Step 13:

Next is placements. Placements are different types of ad options available to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. There are two types of placements available, including automatic placements and edit placements. 

Automatic PlacementsWith the help of automatic placements, Facebook will decide where to publish the ad. 

Edit placementsEdit placements are manual placements, where you can select specific placements on which you would like to show your ad. 

I am going ahead with automatic placements. 

Step 14

Next is budget. I am defining daily budget as Rs 1000, you can define the budget as daily or lifetime. Lifetime allows to define the budget for the entire campaign.

Below budget, you can also define schedule, where you can define the start date and end date. 

Defining Budget in Facebook

Step 15

Next thing is to define optimization for delivery. You can select optimisation of ad delivery basis landing page views, link clicks, daily unique reach and impressions.

Facebook Ads Optimization

As my objective of the campaign is to drive traffic, I am going ahead with landing page views. 

Step 16:

The next step is to define define delivery type. I am going ahead with standard delivery type, as I want to trigger my ad evenly throughout the day.

Ads Delivery Type in Facebook

Now say continue and move ahead with the campaign. 

Step 17:

Next is to define ad name. I have added as below, you can define basis your requirement. 

Facebook Ad Name

Step 18

Next step is to define Facebook page and Instagram handle. I have defined my page and handle as below.

Link Instagram to Facebook

Step 19

Next thing is to define the ad creative format. You will see the below screen which says dynamic creative is enabled, multiple ads will be automatically generated using your creative assets individually. 

Dynamic Ad Creative Format

Below that, you will see an option which says how to create ads using dynamic creative. 

Guide To Facebook Dynamic Ads

If you click on the take tour button, you can view the screens as below. First thing is that you need you to upload your assets including creatives and headlines.  

Dynamic Creative Assets

Then Facebook will deliver ad creative variations to your audiences evenly. Once Facebook algorithm understands which ad creative is performing, Facebook will push the creative most of the time. 

Dynamic Ad Variations

You can then view the insights of the performing creative and then further define your creative strategy.

Facebook Dynamic Ads Report

Now through media option you can upload the creatives or video. I have uploaded around 5 creatives, you can upload maximum 10 creatives for Facebook dynamic creative campaign. 

How to Create Facebook Dynamic Ads

If you want to create a video, you can also select use templates option as below to create a video. 

Facebook Ad Templates
Once you click on use templates, you will reach the below screen. From here you can select a template and create a video for your dynamic creative campaign.

Facebook Video Creation Tool

I am not selecting video because I have already added 5 creatives. 

Next step is the important part, where you define the headlines, text, descriptions and call to actions. You can add up to 5 variations for primary text, headlines, description and call to action. I have added few for my campaign. I would recommend to add all the 5 variations, so that you can test each aspect effectively. 

How To Create Facebook Dynamic Creative Ad Campaign?

On the top right hand side, you can see an option as view more variations. From here you can view all the variations you have added, refer the below screenshot for the dashboard view of my creative, text, description and call to action variations. 

Facebook Dynamic Creative

Now finally click on the green confirm button, that’s it, your Facebook dynamic creative ad campaign is ready and will go live once your ad creatives are approved. 

How to view Facebook Dynamic Creative ad report?

In order to view your dynamic creative ad report, go to your home screen of Facebook ads manager and select performance in the first column, post that in the breakdown column, select by dynamic creative asset, you will be able to see multiple options, you can select the option by which you would like to view the report.

Fb Dynamic Ad Campaign Report

Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Creative?

Facebook dynamic creative ads are very effective and has following benefits.

Creative Automation:

It automates the creative process as you can add upto 10 creatives and 10 videos, you don’t have to manually define the campaigns with the creatives everytime. It saves times of switching creatives, if they are not performing. 

Increases Engagement:

Dynamic creative helps to generate higher engagement as more relevant creative is pushed to the user basis which one is performing. Also, once you know which one is performing, you can then further define the strategy. 

Higher Conversion Rates:

Facebook dynamic creative helps to generate higher conversion rates as it delivers the high performing creative to the targeted audience. 


Facebook dynamic creative ads are amazing if you are aggressively marketing through Facebook. Dynamic creative will help you to automate the entire process of creatives management on Facebook ads platform and drive more value from the media investments. Try dynamic creative ads today and let me know how they are performing.