EFD Induction Multi Regional and Multilingual SEO Case Study

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Multi Regional & Multilingual SEO Strategy is very crucial for any business which is present across different regions. With a help off multi regional and multilingual, a business can drive quality traffic, be relevant to the customers in different countries and grow business rapidly.

In this article I will take you through how we built multi regional & multilingual SEO strategy to grow business for EFD Induction. So let’s get started

About EFD Induction 

EFD Induction provides industrial induction heating processes across 12 different countries. It caters to different industries including Automotive, Aviation, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, HVAC, Railway, Shipbuilding, Tube & Pipe and more.

EFD Induction provides best in class solutions which are cost effective, safe, robust and minimise energy consumption.

EFD Induction is headquartered in Norway and we were appointed as the Digital Marketing Agency to drive SEO

The Strategy

1. The URL Structure 

Having the right URL structure is important is very important to rank in different regions for different languages. So we used a subdirectories with gLTD structure like Eg: www.domainname.com/languagecode-countrycode/,  which incorporates the language and region code in the URL itself

So the URL’s for each geography changed as below:

Italy: https://www.efd-induction.com/it-it/ wherein it is the language code for Italian language and it is the country code for Italy

Germany: https://www.efd-induction.com/de-de/ wherein de is the language code for German language and de is the country code for Germany

France: https://www.efd-induction.com/fr-fr/ wherein fr is the language code for French language and fr is the country code for France

Poland: https://www.skyn.com/pl-pl/ wherein pl is the language code for Polish language and pl is the country code for Poland

Here is a list of language ISO codes and country ISO codes which you can refer to while defining URL structure – Language & Country ISO Codes

2. On Page Optimization

Optimising key on page aspects with the keyword is relevant to the page and has high searches.

EFD Induction Italy – Tags Optimization

EFD Induction Products in Italy

EFD Induction Germany – Tags Optimization

EFD Induction Products in Germany

EFD Induction France – Tags Optimization

EFD Induction Products in France

Similarly other 9 regions were optimised for title & description

Further we optimised the heading tag (h1) for all the pages with the business keyword as below

Italy – <H1> Prodotti di riscaldo ad induzione

Germany – <H1> Induktive Erwärmungsanlagen

France – <H1> Equipements de chauffage par induction

Poland – <H1> Nagrzewanie indukcyjne

Similarly heading tags were optimised for all the pages on the website, for remaining other 8 regions

Further other tags including image tags and anchor tags were optimised.

3. Content Optimization

Optimising content which articulates the product in brief and influences decision of customers.

Content example Italy 

Induction Heating Application for Automotive in Italy

Content example Germany 

Induction Heating Application in Germany

Content example France

Induction Heating Application in France


Optimising Downloads Section

We further optimised the entire content on the downloads section as the idea was to make sure that the pdfs ranked on Google search and bring in more traffic

EFD Induction Italy Resources

EFD Induction France Download Resources


EFD Induction Germany Download

We further optimised the content on Industries, Application and Services page, making it search friendly and highly optimised. 


4. Off Page Strategy 

We defined an off page strategy to improve share of voice and domain authority by publishing content pieces on different websites related to Industrial Heating, this helped us to boost the ranking of the website by leveraging external links 

Few examples are as below: 

Example 1:

EFD Induction Heating Equipment Company

Example 2: 

Induction Heating Company



EFD Induction Case Study


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