Dynamic Creative (DCO) Examples to Drive Conversions

In today’s digital marketing landscape, personalization is key. When users encounter ads tailored specifically to their interests, they become more engaged and are more likely to progress along the purchase journey. However, crafting personalized ads for each individual can be a daunting task, especially when using platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This is where dynamic creative ads (DCO) step in to provide a solution.

What is Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)?

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) or Dynamic Creative refers to serving display ads through programmatic advertising with the help of real-time technology that ads personalization, scale and automation to your digital marketing approach.

The dynamic creatives change automatically based on information about the user related to his behavior, interest, location, engagement or any other context.

Dynamic creative can change automatically based on sports API data, weather, website data, differential communication for remarketing, crm data and more 

In this article we will demonstrate a couple of dynamic creatives which we created for different brands, so let’s look at them in detail.


Dynamic Creatives Examples 

1. Dynamic City + Temperature Based Ads:

Here’s an illustration of dynamically retrieving the city and its current temperature when delivering an ad. E-commerce brands can leverage this dynamic creative format to promote products tailored to specific seasons, including spring, winter, and summer.

Dynamic Creative Ad City Plus Temperature

Dynamic Creative Ad Temperature & City

Here is a Demo Link to view the dynamic creative – Click here 

2. Time of The Day Ads

In this ad format, we harnessed various trending offers that vary throughout the day. The system automatically fetches the current time and triggers the corresponding offer for that specific time.

This method can be effectively employed to boost sales during nighttime or on weekends, targeting specific time slots for maximum impact.

Dynamic Creative Ad Example Time of the day

Here is a live demo link to view dynamic creative – Click here


3. Live Gold Rate 

This dynamic creative type is effective to push live gold rate to buyers who are interested in Gold purchase or investments.

Dynamic Creative Ad Example Live Gold Rate


Here is a live demo link to view dynamic creative – Click here 

4. Live Crypto API Based Ads 

This dynamic creative format is a powerful tool for providing live cryptocurrency prices to individuals with an interest in crypto. Crypto exchanges can utilize this approach to attract customers and drive app downloads effectively.

Dynamic Creative Crypto Live Ad

Here is a demo like to view dynamic creative – Click here


5. Momen Marketing – BasetBall 

This dynamic creative format harnesses a sports API to retrieve real-time match updates and activate ad creatives accordingly.

For instance, during the NBA Finals for VOOT Select, we used this method to showcase player highlights, featuring updates and statistics for players in the spotlight

Dynamic Creative Example Moment Marketing

Halftime Updates – Communicating how teams are standing against each other during halftime

Dynamic Creative Basketball Example

Lead Updates – Who is leading with how many points 

Dynamic Creative Ad Example


6. Moment Marketing: Football  

This dynamic creative approach utilizes a sports API to fetch real-time match scores and updates, incorporating them into the ad creatives.

To illustrate, during the FIFA 2018 event for SONY Six, we employed this technique to highlight key players in the match and enable users to set up reminders for watching the game.

Dynamic Creative for Football Matches


Match is live – Displaying match is live, to get more users to watch the match

Dynamic Creatives for Live Matches


Match Start off – Who has taken the lead

Football Game Dynamic Creative Example

Cards – Live updates on players receiving different cards 

Dynamic Creative Example of Live Match


Player Achievements – Highlighting players achievements to drive traction 

Dynamic Creative Player Achievements Example


7. Dropdown in Banner  

This dynamic creative enables users to make selections from a dropdown menu, and the banner content is dynamically generated based on the user’s choice.

As an illustration, here’s a dynamic creative example we implemented for Amazon Prime Video. Users can choose a genre from the dropdown menu to personalize their experience.

Dynamic Creative Prime Video Example

Based on the selection different shows, series and films are pushed from the feed dynamically on the creatives. I have selected selected thriller from the dropdown, so now I can see suggestions for thriller as below

DCO Example of Amazon Prime


Dynamic Creative Example Drop Down


DCO Examples for Drop Down Selection

Here is the demo link – Click here

Below is another example of drop down dynamic creative for Honda DIO, here the objective was to showcase price of the vehicle in different states & cities through the creative.

In this dynamic creative, user can choose the state and city and click on show price, the price is then displayed on the dynamic creative based on the state & city 

Honda DIO Dynamic Creative

I am selecting state as Maharashtra and city as Mumbai to check the price 

DCO Example

The price is displayed as below 

Dynamic Creative Example of Drop Down

Here is the demo link to view drop down dynamic creative – Click here 


8. Search in Baner  

This dynamic creative allows users to search from the Baner itself and reach destination page.

Here is an example of TATA CLIQ dynamic creative, where users can search for a product directly in the banner. I have searched for jeans in the below example  

Dynamic Creative Search in Baner

Once I click find now it directly takes me to the destination page of the site. 

Here is the demo link for search in banner dynamic creative – Click here 


9. In Banner Calculator 

This dynamic banner allows users to calculate their EMI’s based on the loan amount and interest rate selection. 

Here is an example of Aditya Birla Capital banner creative, where users can make their selection to calculate the EMI amount 

Dynamic Creatives

Here is the demo link for in banner calculator dynamic creative – click here 

Below is another example of Bisleri, where the user can calculate water intake 

Dynamic Creative Calculator Ads

Here is the demo link – click here 


10. Scratch Card Based Ads

In this type of ad users can scratch on the ad creative itself to reveal the code or the offer, this format can drive high engagement and conversion 

Here is an example of Duroflex, you can see an option to scratch to reveal offer 

Scratch Card DCO Ad

Once you scratch the card 

Scratch Card Banner Ad

Here is the demo link of Duroflex Scratch Based Ad – click here