Creative Social Media Campaigns

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Social media is one of the effective channels to connect with your audiences and drive engagement. In order to create buzz and drive engagement, it’s important to create innovative campaigns.

Brands use different channels to interact with their audiences, but the key is how creatively you interact with your audience.

Let’s have a look at few creative social media campaigns.

1. Jello-O Pudding Face Meter Campaign

Channel – Twitter

What was Jello-O Pudding Face Meter campaign about? 

The campaign was ideated basis an insight, “When you eat pudding, you can’t help but smile”. The smile is called as pudding face. So the social media team did research and found that there are lot of people are frowning and smiling on Twitter.

Jello-O created a mood meter which monitors frowning and smiling tweets in real time (though social listening tools). So when the no of smiley tweets are high, the pudding face smiles and when no of frowning tweets are high, Jell-O gives pudding to those frowners on twitter to cheer up.

“When the world gets down, the world gets pudding.”

Further Jello-O extended the campaign with a giant billboard, that smiles and frowns in real time. So through the campaign people started smiling and the ratio of smile to frown increased, and the campaign got a good traction.

Why did it worked?  

The campaign was innovated and Jello-O was monitoring all tweets in realtime and tweeting back in realtime. So people who were frowning, when they got pudding were surprised and started smiling, resulting in more brand mentions.

Here is the video of the campaign

(Source – Youtube)

2. Volkswagengen – Golf Challenge 

In 2012, Volkswagen launched the new Golf, the brands star product. Over 20mn Golf’s have been produced since it’s birth in 1974 and 2mn have been sold in France.

So to celebrate new Golf launch, Volkswagen wanted to engage with Golf fans and offer them the opportunity to win the car of their dream with an entertaining experience, Volkswagen created, “The Golf Challenge”

Users were suppose to download the app and every time when they see a Golf, they need to take a picture and complete 100 different missions in 6 weeks. During these missions, the users also got different badges when they achieved different missions. The app also detected calendar and time data to drive more engagement within the app.

Here is the video of the campaign.

(Source – Youtube)

Why did it worked?  

Every week new challenge to keep the users engaged. Users get different badges when they complete different missions, which encourages them to move ahead in the challenge. Also sharing pictures on social platforms allowed users to win more badges.

The campaign was very creative, interactive, used technology to sync with calendar, time and location.

3. Airbnb – Live In The Movies 

In 2016 Airbnb wanted to change the way people travel, from travelling like a tourist to travelling like you belong, “Don’t Go There Live There”!

Based on research data, which showed, in 2014, 45mn tourists chose travel destinations based on movies and TV, and with over 2mn homes from tree houses, to castles, to igloo, there is Airbnb for everything. So they asked users a simple question. “If you could live in any movie, what movie would you live in?

In this campaign they use social listening tools and leveraged Academy Awards event to build traction for their campaignand here’s how they did it without spending a single $ on TV ad spots during academy awards event. 

(Source – Youtube)

Why did it worked?  

The campaign leveraged one of the world biggest event, Academy awards and used social listening tools to monitor different conversations related to their campaign and surprised the users with relevant listing on Airbnb, so that the fans can really live in the movie.

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