Japfa India Social Media COVID 19 Case Study

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COVID 19 pandemic has been one of the biggest crisis since world war two. It’s not only a health crisis but also an economic crisis.

In time of COVID, brands have faced lot of challenges to connect with their audiences, engage with them and serve their customers. Several industries have affected including travel, hospitality, events, entertainment, sports etc. One of the industry which was also highly impacted was poultry/chicken industry, where a perception was built, that chicken is not safe to consume during COVID

Here is a social media case study of a brand Japfa which we at R Interactives executed during the COVID 19 to build faith in their customers.

About Japfa

JAPFA India is an agro-food brand with a major focus on poultry feed and meat products in India. At the onset of Covid-19 in India, the poultry industry took a major hit due to rumor-mongering about the correlation of chicken & meat with the virus.   

The Challenge

The brand challenge was to assure and instill faith in the consumers that ‘Chicken Consumption Was Safe’ and entice them to keep buying it without any qualms. 


We decided to focus on three major content pillars to win consumer confidence

  1. Mythbusters 
  2. Quality & Hygiene Assurance
  3. Benefits Of Consuming Chicken During Covid-19

The first part was to break the myth around chicken consumption and present them credible sources of information through recognized international and Indian food bodies who had declared that ‘Chicken Is Safe’. 

COVID Case Study
Chicken is Safe individual posts

Chicken is Safe To Eat During COVID

Digital Marketing COVID Case Study

Next, it was important to showcase the Hygiene and Safety measures taken at our manufacturing premises & bird grower farms and highlight the JAPFA COVID warriors who work despite lockdown to serve the protein needs of the country through Chicken & Eggs. Two short mobile-friendly videos with a narrative were rolled out to emphasize on it! 

Celebrating JAPFA Heroes

Hygiene Measures at JAPFA Feed Mill 

Value-Driven Gratitude Series

For 50 days straight through the lockdown, a gratitude journal was doled out every day through WhatsApp, celebrating the efforts of employees who stood true to the core values of the company and emerged as the difference makers. Be it the van drivers, housekeeping dept, or guards, employees from every segment were recognized which kept the team motivated and enthused power into the company’s philosophy of ‘Make Good, Always’ !

Japfa Heroes

Digital Marketing for Japfa

Japfa COVID Campaign

Lastly, a counter-strategy was put out focused on ‘Empowering Your Body Through Chicken & Eggs’,  as it is primarily rich in protein content which hails in building Immunity. 

Chicken Builds Muscle

During COVID Chicken is Safe

Japfa Chicken

The engagement hook was to highlight the benefits of eating chicken and rolling out varied chicken recipes as home cooking had become a fad during the lockdown.

Japfa Chicken

Japfa Chicken for Butter Chicken

Chicken Khao

Japfa Chicken

Chicken Curry Recipe 

Chicken Curry Recipe

Effective COVID Campaign

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