Top 5 Programmatic Advertising Agencies in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the emerging markets where brands are looking for specialised digital marketing & programmatic advertising agencies to market their products & services across different regions through different channels. 

There are different programmatic agencies in Dubai, but the key question is which to choose from. In the article we will understand what are the different criteria’s which you should look at while choosing a programmatic agency, and which are the top one’s

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Programmatic Advertising agency?

1. Case Studies 

The first thing to look at is what are the different programmatic case studies which they have built while working with different clients. This will help you to understand their approach, their expertise and execution methodology. 

2. Partner Brands 

What are the different brands they have worked with. Look for companies who have vast experience who has worked with multiple industries. If you are looking for a specialised agency in a particular domain, check which agency has worked extensively in a particular domain, as they would help to market your brand/products/services better. 

3. Leadership Team

While evaluating an agency, look at the founding & leadership team, what education background they have, what companies they have worked with,  their tech background & marketing background. This will give you confidence to onboard them 

Let’s now look at the best Programmatic Advertising Agencies in Dubai

1.  R Interactives 

R Interactives was founded in 2018. They use data intelligence to understand consumer behaviour & design bespoke communication pieces, that leads to powerful actions, resulting in higher visibility & brand engagement 

Services: Programmatic Advertising, Dynamic Creatives Optimisation, Digital Advisory, Performance Marketing, Experimentation, Fundraising & Search Engine Marketing 

Partner Brands: Zee, Hotstar, Flipkart, VOOT, Fast & Furious, EFD Induction, Mitsubishi Electric, Netafim, NBC Universal & more

Phone: +91 7767033301

Case Study: Flipkart Dynamic Creative Case Study for Programmatic Ads

Article – Dynamic Creative examples for Programmatic Ads

2. Alwafaa Group

Alwafaa group offers programmatic solutions in Middle East and GCC. 

Services: Ecommerce Website Development, E-commerce App Development, Programmatic Ads, Snapchat Marketing, Twitter Marketing and more 

Partner Brands: Color Land Toys, Leaders Sport, Top Perfumer, City Pharmacy, SKMCA, One Go, GBOX and more 

Phone: +971 426 369 36


3. Eds

EDS is a team of digital media experts delivering online business solutions and exceptional digital marketing results. 

Services: SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Whatsapp Marketing and more 

Partner Brands: No mention of client names on the website 

+971 4 5193444


4. Global Media Insight 

Global Media Insight is a Marketing & Content production agency, its portfolio covers plethora of projects covering the entire length & breadth of digital. 

Services: Web Design & Development, Online Advertising, Video Production, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Programmatic ads etc

 Partner Brands: Alpaha Aviation Academy, Antonio, Technal, Fischer & more 

+971 569683737


5. Adapts Media 

Adapts Media offers digital solutions for brands in the MENA region. 

Services: Creative Designing, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, Market Research, Programmatic ads and more 

Partner Brands: GREE, Kaercher, Redington & more 

+971 58 560 1701


 While choosing a programmatic advertising agency or digital marketing agency do make sure you look at the above factors, it will help you to evaluate different agencies and choose the right one!

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