Programmatic Advertising for Pharma Industry

Display advertising spends in US is expected to reach $108.9 billion in 2022, and programmatic share is expected to be around 70%.  Programmatic has moved from display to outdoor programmatic and audio programmatic, brands are leveraging programmatic media as it has high potential to personalise communication, effective targeting, automated media buying, dynamic creatives (DCO), high quality inventory and it’s cost effective. 

Programmatic Advertising For Pharma Industry

Global Display Ads Spends

Display Ad Spend by 2023

In this article we will discuss 2 case studies of Pharma brands we have worked with. 

Case Study 1: PharmEasy 

PharmEasy is a healthcare app that provides consumers with on-demand, home delivered access to a wide range of prescriptions, OTC pharmaceutical, other consumer healthcare products. It also provides comprehensive diagnostic test services, and tele consultations services in India.


  • To drive visibility of PharmEasy store 
  • Improve product discovery 
  • Drive Sales 


We designed a strategy with a combination of dynamic creatives and programmatic ads, which helped us to achieve the objective.

Dynamic creatives boosts your programmatic campaigns, as it has potential to drive higher engagement, create automation to create display ads and scale your campaigns.

To learn more about dynamic creative optimisation (DCO), check our article Master Guide to Dynamic Creative Optimization 

The strategy included 

Pushing products in realtime through automation. Below is an example, where you can see that the products are auto triggered in the creatives in real time.  


Programmatic ads for Pharmaceuticals Industry

Triggering category based products in real time to drive visibility to top selling products in the category, so more traction is generated. Below is an example for ayurvedic category top selling products  

Programmatic ads for Pharma

Allowing customers to search from the banner itself. Below is an example 

Dynamic Creatives for Pharma Industry

Blog promotion through dynamic creatives 

Digital Marketing for PharmEasy