Jaco Royale SEO Case Study

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Search Engine Optimization Case Study for Jaco Royale

About Jaco Royale 

Jaco Royale

Jaco Royale is into the hospitality business providing bachelor party services in Jaco Costa Rica. They also provide surfing, fishing and golfing experience under different packages. Further Jaco Royale hav beach villas and resorts which customers can rent in Costa Rica.


  • To increase visibility on Google organic for business terms 
  • To increase leads through organic 


  1. Intent based keywords for business pages 
  2. Youtube SEO Strategy 
  3. Peripheral Keywords for Blog Strategy 
  4. Off Page Strategy with high domain authority website

a. Intent Based Keywords For Business Pages

After doing an exhaustive keyword research, we shortlisted 120 keywords from 1151 keywords, to target for Jaco Royale SEO. These keywords were selected basis relevancy with the business, intent for the service and the volume of searches happening in different geographies. 

The keywords were then mapped with each relevant page on the website. The keywords were further added in the content pieces on different pages, making it relevant and building trust through customer experience. 

Below is an example of few tags defined with targeted keywords

Jaco Royale Home Page

Few keywords for which we achieved 1st position on Google 

Keyword: Costa Rica Bachelor Party

How to achieve 1st position on Google

Keyword: Jaco Bachelor Party 

Jaco Bachelor Party

b. Youtube SEO Strategy 

Creating videos for customer experience, sport fishing, beach villas rentals, pool parties, nightlife and party house. Defining keywords specific to videos in title, meta description and tags on Youtube watch pages.

The results on Youtube

Top 3 videos on Youtube search for Jaco Bachelor Party keyword

Youtube SEO Case Study

Keyword: Costa Rica Bachelor Party on 1st and 2nd position on Youtube search

Jaco Royale Youtube SEO

Further, we were able to achieve Youtube videos on Google search for business keywords

Youtube SEO Case Study

c. Periphery Keywords for Blog Strategy 

We used periphery keywords strategy for blogs to target keywords like Jaco costa rica nightlife, Jaco costa rica fishing etc which not only helped us to rank on Google search but also generate high traffic.

Keyword: Jaco Costa Rica Nightlife ranking on first position

Jaco Royale SEO Case Study

Keyword: Jaco Costa Rica Fishing ranking on first position

d. Off Page Strategy with high domain authority website

We executed an off page strategy by creating links on websites with high domain authority, which helped us to boost the traffic.


Traffic Growth: 30.84% in 3 months

Leads: 12% growth in 3 months

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