How to Build Customer Journey

It is important for every marketer to understand how customers feel at each stage of customer journey, so that they can build marketing strategies to engage and acquire customers. 

Building a customer journey can help marketers understand customers needs, pain points and different touch points through which customers interact with the brand. 

What is a Customer Journey?

Customer Journey is a visual representation of how a customer gets aware of your brand, interacts with your brand and becomes loyal to your brand. 

Building a customer journey helps to connect with customers at different stages of the funnel with different communication pieces.

Below are different stages of Customer Journey

Stages of Customer Journey

Customer Journey Map

It is important for a marketer to understand what customers are feeling, doing, what channels they are on during different stages of the funnel, which is called as the customer journey map.

Let’s try to understand with an example of R Academy’s (an experiential learning platform focused on Digital Marketing), customer journey for a scenario where a student is looking to build career in digital marketing.

Here is a customer journey map, which articulates what the student is doing at the research stage, awareness stage, interest stage & consideration stage, further what the students is thinking/feeling at different stages.

Customer Journey for Digital Marketing

Once you have defined customer journey map, it will help you to develop different ad communication pieces, based on what your customer is going through, which will motivate the customer to move ahead in the journey. Further you can also run experiments with different messages to learn from what is working and what’s not.

Here is a customer journey map template which you can use to build your customer journey map


Creating customer journey map is very important before you start with marketing, as it gives a direction to your marketing exercise based on customer needs, pain points and their motivations. Use the template and start defining your customer journey!

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