Fast & Furious 6 Digital Marketing Case Study

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I was going through my old files and found Film Marketing Case Study of Fast & Furious 6, which we executed few years back.

The case study was executed when Facebook was getting popular with the brands and brands were looking at Facebook as the key social media channel for creating awareness and driving engagement with their fans. So let’s look at this old case study 


  • To create buzz a month before the movie release 
  • To increase engagement with the fans by creating engaging content and activities 
  • To increase ticket sales for the movie 

Fast & Furious 6 Digital Marketing Strategy 

  1. Creating a drag race event
  2. Driving engagement through contest 
  3. Bringing all fans together on centralised page 
  4. Driving ticket sales through programmatic advertising 

The Execution

a. The Valley Run 

First of it’s kind drag race event at Amby Valley in Lonavala was hosted in order to promote the film. Fast & Furious 

Drag Race Event in Amby Valley


Fast & Furious 6 was the official sponsor for the event. The event has promoted on Facebook creating awareness and driving registrations for the event. The event saw a huge participation will cars and bikes coming from all over the country, below are the glimpses of the event. 

Fast & Furious 6 Promotions

Convertible BMW


Fast & Furious 6

Modified Contessa


Fast & Furious Promotion

Y2K with a Rolls Royce Jet engine


Fast & Furious 6 Digital Marketing

Modified Bike


Fast & Furious 6 Promotion



Fast & Furious Event Promotion

Event Branding


b) Contest to drive participation and engagement

We created a contest on Facebook, where users were suppose to upload their photographs with a car. The contest was created on Facebook with a help of small application built within Facebook so that users can upload pictures, likes pictures and share other pictures.

Fast & Furious Film Case Study


Users could also vote for other entries and increase their chances to win. 

Fast & Furious Digital Marketing Case Study

Generated 35k+ entries for the contest, driving high engagement in one month. 


c) Centralised Fan Page

Fast & Furious had multiple pages and fans were added on different pages, so the challenge was how do we migrate all fans from other Fast & Furious pages to one centralised page. 

We tied up with Facebook to allow us to merge all the fans from different pages to one centralised page. This helped us to get 33 million fans under one roof

Fast & Furious Digital Promotions

Fast & Furious was the first movie franchise (that time), to have 33 million fans. 


d) Driving Ticket Sales Through Programmatic Advertising

We further leveraged programmatic advertising to target users on different publisher websites, which helped us to increase ticket sales on BookMyShow and multiplexes websites. 

Fast & Furious 6 Digital Marketing

Promotion on Multiplex Websites


Fast & Furious Digital Promotion

Promotion on BoxOfficeIndia


Fast & Furious Promotion

Promotion on Car Websites


Fast & Furious Youtube Ads

Youtube Advertising



Fans Gained: 4.2+ Mn

Video Views Generated: 34.3 Mn

Box Office: 54Cr

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