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Digital marketing is playing a pivotal role in reaching out to the right audience and driving growth for businesses. Different industries have made a shift to have a major focus on digital for communication, engagement and customer acquisition. 

Manufacturing industry is also leveraging digital to connect with customers, to build visibility and sales funnel. In this article, we will discuss two digital marketing case studies which we executed for manufacturing companies. So let’s get started. 

Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Industry Case Studies 

Case Study 1: Mitsubishi Electric 


  1. To build awareness of Mitsubishi Electric India’s e-factory solution
  2. Targeting decision makers to drive business growth



Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Our strategy included of 6 steps, let’s understand each one of it 

Target Audience Insights: 
The first step is to define the target audience and understand their demographics, psychographics, needs, research behavior, pain points, and interests. We did extensive research to define personas within the audience. Once you know what their challenges and needs are, you can define your communication strategy.

To learn more about how to create a customer persona, please read the article, An Ultimate Guide to Customer Persona 

Competition Analysis 

It is important to understand what’s your competition strategy, their communication strategy, social media approach, and the types of content pieces they are creating digitally. So we did extensive research on Mitsubishi’s competitors to understand their strategy in detail, and we found that they build different content properties on social, had reports and case studies, product films, testimonials, and webinars, which helped us with more insights to define our strategy 

Business Proposition 

In this step, we defined what the business proposition is by learning through the product information, the service information, the technicalities, and the value Mitsubishi brings to the table. Based on this and consumer insights your communication strategy is then conceptualised. 

Communication Strategy

Based on our findings, we saw a transition towards SMART FACTORY, digital is at the core of this offering. However many of the manufacturing businesses don’t know where to start this digitalization. We brought Mitsubishi’s step-by-step approach to the forefront through a cohesive digital campaign ‘Connect-Scale-Accomplish’ which extends into Connect Digitally, Scale Rapidly, and Accomplish Your Goals. ’

Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Industry

Further we extended the communication highlighting keep aspects of e-factory which drives value to businesses, execution in Mahindra & Mahindra tractors, 

Case Studies of Manufacturing Industry

Execution of e-Factory 

Digital Marketing Case Study of Mitsubishi

Data-Driven approach 

Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies


Media Channels 

This is one of the key step in media strategy, here we first defined the media mix and channels that we want to leverage to communicate with the segments, the primary channels were Google and LinkedIn to drive visibility and engagement. 


Experimentation & Optimisation 

Finally, we experimented with multiple content pieces and formats to evaluate which drives higher traction and engagement 


The Impact 

Digital marketing case studies



Case Study 2: ProArc India

In the case study, we will discuss largely the communication strategy, as we followed a similar strategy for ProArc which we had used for Mitsubishi Electric 

Communication: Automation 

Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Communication: High precision and performance 

Digital Marketing for Engineering Business


Communication: High-qualified service engineers 

Case Study of Manufacturing Businesses


Communication: Machines with low maintenance 

Manufacturing ProArc India Case Study


Further, we also used vernacular creatives to drive traction to the campaign 

Digital Marketing in Manufacturing


Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Industry

Finally, we crafted a festive campaign to drive more interest 

Manufacturing Industry Marketing Campaign


The Impact

Manufacturing Industry Case Study

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