Digital Marketing Strategy for Manufacturing
Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Industry
Digital marketing is playing a pivotal role in reaching out to the right audience and driving growth for businesses. Different...
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How to Create GA4 Account
How to Create Google Analytics G4 Account
Google has announced that Google universal analytics will officially retire and stop recording new visits from July 1, 2023, so...
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How to create Customer Persona
An Ultimate Guide to Customer Persona
Brands use segmentation to understand and further target an audience. For this, they take into consideration general details about the...
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Dynamic Creative (DCO) Examples to Drive Conversions
Today’s digital marketing world is about personalization, if the users are seeing ads which are personalized to them, then they...
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How to build Customer Journey
How to Build Customer Journey
In today's competitive business landscape, understanding and effectively catering to your customers' needs and preferences is more crucial than ever....
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Instagram Marketing
Master Guide to Instagram Ads in 2022
Instagram is one of the effective channel which advertisers leverage to expand their audience base and promote your business. They...
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Real Estate Investor Marketing
Real Estate Investor Marketing
In today's world of Digital, if you have the right strategy in place, the right tools and an iterative optimisation...
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Tools for Experimentation
Top 21 Tools for Experimentation
Adopt an attitude of experimentation and embark on a journey of A/B testing to grow your business faster. However, you...
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Shopify Apps to Drive Retention
19 Top Shopify Apps to Drive Sales & Retention
In this article I will discuss 19 Shopify apps that would help to boost sales & retention on your Shopify...
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What is Customer Adoption Curve
Master Guide To Customer Adoption
If you are starting a new online business or a startup or you are an existing business & have introduced...
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