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Hospitality businesses are leveraging digital marketing to connect with customers, engage them and improve occupancy rates. We have been working with India’s top hospitality brand Evolve Back Luxury resorts for 4 years and we have been successful in making a huge impact to improve visibility and occupancy rate. So let’s understand how we did it!

About Evolve Back Luxury Resorts

Evolve Back Luxury Resorts, formerly known as Orange County Resorts and Hotels, is a premium resort with properties in Coorg, Hampi, Kabini & Botswana. The Hampi resort is Vijayanagara Palace Themed resort & the Kabini resort is Kuruba Tribal Village themed resort. The Coorg resort lies within a 300 acre coffee plantation, surrounded by virginal forest.  

The properties at Evolve Back offer private pool villas with experiences including coracle ride, plantation walk, boat safari and more. It is a place to have a memorable holiday experience for family, friends and couples. 

Evolve Back Resorts brand philosophy is “Spirit of the Land” which is inspired by air, land, history, culture and natural beauty of the nature. 


The objective of the brand was to:

  • Improve brand visibility on Google search through paid ads 
  • Improve occupancy rate & reservations 
  • Brand Uplift  


  1. Theme based campaigns 
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Targeted search campaign 
  4. Remarketing through Search, Display & Video
  5. Hotel advertising

1. Theme Based Campaigns 

We crafted theme based strategy to drive visibility and communicate different aspects of the resort. 

a. Shades of Green 

We created this campaign for monsoon season to communicate with the audience about the natural beauty of the resort, and how they can reset their mind and energise in lush green property of Evolve Back Coorg.

Below are few creative of the campaign

Evolve Back Resort

Evolve Back Digital Marketing

Monsoon Campaign

b. Spirit of Romance 

Spirit of Romance campaign focused on reaching out to couples, and highlighting the romantic experience within the resort. 

As the resort also offer honeymoon packages, this campaign also saw huge traction for honeymoon package bookings.

Coorg Resort Digital Marketing

Spirit of Romance Coorg

Hampi Luxury Resort Marketing

Google Ads for Luxury Resorts

c. Festivities 

Festivities theme focused on encouraging audiences to celebrate festivals at Evolve Back Resorts

Digital Marketing for Resorts in Hampi

Hampi Luxury Resort

Festivals in Hampi Resorts

Marketing of Resorts in Kabini

Google Ads for Resorts in Kabini

d. Spirit of Resort 

Spirit of Resort theme focused on different aspects of the each resort including wildlife, private pools, peace and nature

Marketing of Resort Business

Kabini Resort

Hampi Luxury Resorts Marketing

Luxury Resorts in Hampi

e. Call of the Hills

Call of the Hills campaign focused on communicating paradise, interiors, cuisine, air, valleys, birdsong, forests and forest steam within the resort. 

Coorg Resort Marketing

Marketing for Hotels & Resorts

Evolve Resort Interiors

Resorts in Coorg Cuisine

Coffee Plantation Resort in Coorg

Valleys in Coorg

Birds in Coorg

Forests in Coorg

Forest Streams in Coorg

2. Content Strategy

We further build content for each resort in form of video to communicate different themes including elegance, locale, romance, innovation etc

a. Spirit of the Land

Spirit of the land – Evolve Back Chikkana Halli Estate, Coorg

Spirit of the Land – Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge, Kabini

Spirit of the Land – Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi

b. Romance

Coorg – Romance

Kabini – Romance

Hampi – Romance

c. Elegance

Coorg – Elegance

Hampi – Elegance

Kabini – Elegance

d. Theme & Location

Hampi – Theme & Location

Kabini – Theme & Location

3. Targeted Search Campaign 

Our Google ads search strategy focused on 5 key aspects as below

Adwords Search Campaign Strategy

Targeted Search – We focused on high intent keywords to drive quality users to property pages and experiences pages.  

Differential Bidding – Differential bidding was used to drive users from multiple search terms, which helped to drive more users at a lower cost.  

Competition Terms – Competition terms were further targeted to drive users who were looking for competition properties on search. The ads communicated the value proposition of the businesses and the experience the resort offered, which helped to get more users in the sales funnel. 

RLSA – Remarketing users on search helped to target users who were still researching on Google. We communicated. The ads communicated a differential messaging which encouraged the users to visit the resort pages again. 

Key Metrics – We improved the key metrics including CTR, Conv. Rate, Quality Score and Cost per booking by optimising keywords, search terms, ad copies, cpc and ad communication, which resulted in more reservations at lower cost.

The Impact:

Hotels & Resorts Digital Marketing

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