4 Digital Marketing Case Studies for Rural India

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Internet users in rural India are around 227 million as per research firm Nielsen, and total India has 504 million active internet users.

Due to connectivity, quality of service and affordability in rural India, the numbers are increasing day by day, so the potential for brands to connect and engage has rise. Brands need to leverage Digital Marketing, connecting with the users in a way that make an impact through the channels used in digital.

Below are few Digital Marketing case studies of Rural India campaigns which we have executed for NETAFIM & Japfa

  1. NETAFIM India – Krishi Samvaad
  2. NETAFIM India – Farming Simplified
  3. Japfa India – Clean Farm Challenge
  4. Japfa India – COVID

Let’s understand each of them

1. NETAFIM India – Krishi Samvaad

NETAFIM is a global leader in irrigation solutions, their objective was to connect with the farmers and showcase the value of drip irrigation, so that the yield increases for different crops which they are planning.

We crafted a strategy that focused on communication different pieces related to crop including:

  • Why drip irrigation for crop?
  • Different types of techniques used in drip irrigation
  • Less Water Wastage
  • Less use of fertilisers

We communicated all these pieces by creating a social media property called as Krishi Samvaad

NETAFIM Digital Marketing

Krishi Samvaad property was a live content piece by Agronomist communicating different aspects including why drip, best practices, how to increase yield, technical aspects, save water etc for crops including Sugarcane, Ginger, Turmeric and Banana.

This property was broadcasted on social media in different languages including Marathi, Gujarathi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu

The Impact

NETAFIM Digital Marketing Case Study

Read detail case study here – NETAFIM India Krishi Samvaad Case Study


2. NETAFIM India – FlexNet

NETAFIM India wanted to launch FlexNet flexible pipes through digital, create awareness, showcase value proposition and wanted to drive traction for the product.

So in order to launch the product on digital, we crafted a communication campaign, #FarmingSimplified which focused on positioning the thought, now farming is simplified through FlexNet pipes and it allows more flexibility to farmers compared to traditional method of using pipes.

The campaign started with teasers raising questions

  • Can farming become simpler?
  • Can there be a cost-effective way to do farming?
  • Can farming be more innovative?

Post teasers, we revealed the FlexNet film which communicated what value the product brings in, including performance, durability, flexibility, ease with connectors and low labour cost for entire irrigation system.

We further delayed a multi-lingual strategy to launch the product in different regions of India

The Impact

Flex Net Case Study

Read detail case study here – NETAFIM India FlexNet Case Study


3. Japfa India – Clean Farm Challenge 

Japfa is a leading agro industrial company with a prime focus in poultry feed. If offers Poultry & Integration along with feed solutions globally. 

The objective of the campaign was to reach prospective poultry farmers and educate them on the benefits of poultry farming, enhance brand reach and drive engagement. 

So we crafted a digital marketing strategy which focused on communicated below pieces:

  • JapfaNeeti
  • Product Feed Portfolio
  • Farmer Meets Coverage
  • Clean Farm Challenge 

Clean Farm Challenge was one of the effective campaign we did to drive buzz and engagement. It was a challenge where farmers were asked to follow 5 simple biosecurity measures and share their videos on Facebook and WhatsApp. 

The campaign was launched with a film and promoted on social channels to drive traction, here is the film



Swacch Farm Challenge Participation Process

Social Media for Japfa India

The Impact

Japfa Poultry Feed Campaign

Read detail case study here – Japfa India Clean Farm Challenge Case Study


4. Japfa India COVID-19

The objective of the campaign was to assure and instill faith in customers that, “Consuming Chicken is Safe” during the COVID times

The strategy focused on content pillars including communicating quality & hygiene assurance and benefits of consuming chicken during COVID-19

Chicken is Safe To Eat During COVID


Celebrating Japfa Heros 

We created videos which showcased hygiene & safety measures taken at Japfa’s manufacturing plant and bird grower farms, which highlighted Japfa COVID warriors who worked during the COVID times to serve the protein needs of the country through Chicken and Eggs. 

Effective COVID Campaign

Read detail case study here – Japfa India COVID-19 Case Study


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